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List of my characters!:
oncedonextwicerepeated - Vincent Rowlings
betweentheidea-andthereality - Nathan Harris
thekillerinside - Adam Jackson
ididtherightthing - Amanda Jackson
everyartistisalittlecrazy - Bryan Hughes
stopbeingsosanctimonious - Caleb Rossmore
phantomladysaintkitten - Kitten Braden
wearexonlystardust - the crew of the Icarus II from Sunshine

thefuneralrosegarden - Devlin Vasquez
entertainmententhusiast - Jackson Gold
sixtyminutestoanhour - Elian Grant
letthekillingcommence - Many OC's from 'The Purge'
cxrlisle - Carlisle Jones



       ❝ I’m fine —really. Just not very hungry
                                       tonight, I suppose.  

          “You don’t look fine at all.

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If you’re looking for entertainment,
        you’ve come to the wrong side of town.

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Happy 38th birthday Cillian Murphy! (b. 25 May 1976)

Happy 38th Birthday Cillian Murphy 

I think there’s such a thing, as a performance gene. If it’s in your DNA it needs to come out. For me it originally came out through music, then segued into acting and came out through there. I always needed to get up and perform.

May 25, 1976

Cillian Murphy, born 25 May 1976

"I’ve always liked the idea of the everyday man in extraordinary situations.